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Tank Assessment and Maintenance

ENGIE​ Fabricom brings over 30 years of experience, and a well-developed tank surveying program, to maintain the operational integrity of tank farms and the associated loads on nozzles from connecting pipework. After the tank components and accessories are evaluated, threshold values are set for each individual parameter. This forward thinking approach allows you to determine quickly, efficiently and systematically the logical maintenance, inspection and associated operational costs. Another example of ENGIE​ Fabricom’s depth of experience and operational strength in on-site tank deployment.

Based on detailed planning and a proven assessment methodology, ENGIE​ Fabricom​ can provide efficient management at all stages of the maintenance process, limiting shutdown or service downtime and reducing overall maintenance costs. ENGIE​ Fabricom teams bring global experience to every challenge providing ongoing support to maintain overall site management, from engineering solutions to the multi-disciplinary refurbishment of your storage facilities.

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  • Engineering
  • Tank Fabrication
  • Tank and Terminal fabrication
  • Tank inspection and assessment
  • Mechanical maintenance and repairs
  • Jacking and re-levelling
  • Upgrading to environmental standards​