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The ‘50s and ‘60sStart of pipe bending and nuclear power services
In 1950 Fabricom, began offering pipe bending services and established a new department to handle the production and installation of pipes to a growing customer base in Belgium and abroad.


2006 - 2008Fabricom GTI contributes innovation in world class projects
The bridge in Temse, the biomass power plant in Ruien, the installation of the complete electricity network of the new Antwerp court, the renewal of the Sonatrach’s gas pipelines, and the DIABOLO project in Zaventem,

Cofely Fabricom GDF Suez Canada

6 Nov 1946Cofely Fabricom, under the initial name of Fabricom, establishes the organization with services including the installation of electrical equipment and the construction of high-voltage networks.


1956First entry into the high voltage market. Acquisition of La Construction Soudee – which builds pylons compliments the power line installation service already offered by Fabricom - a perfect combination to integrate a complete customer solution.

1956-1959 Installation of BR2 study centre nuclear reactor cooling circuit piping in Mol, Belgium

1958Expo '58 in Brussels
Fabricom makes a fundamental contribution to the smooth running of the World Expo (electricity and lighting systems) and brings the organisation to the world stage.


1965 Boiler construction and copper smith is divested & Fabricom brings focus to the organisation and re-aligns work in prefab pipe.

1971Construction of the pipe bending workshop in Grimbergen
Further specialization is developed and establishes a foundation for Fabricom to become a leader in pipe bending.
Fabricom starts work on Belgium’s first nuclear plants in Doel and Tihange

1976 With the construction of an incineration plant in Luxembourg, Fabricom sets its first steps in this industry. Fabricom also signs several nuclear contracts. Construction of an incinerator in Luxembourg
The Fabricom team leverages their expertise and continues work in the nuclear sector with several agreements and brilliant technical and financial success.

1980Construction of a port for LNG tankers in Zeebrugge 1983: Delivery of 8 modules for Kaarstoe’s gas terminal in Norway

A Reputation as a technical expert is confirmed in the services sector for the oil and gas market with work on a historic Norwegian gas terminal.

1987 Fabricom Group established and with a growing team of exceptionally talented technicians, Fabricom charges forward into the European market. The Fabricom group expands in Europe through a series of strategic acquisitions in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Great Britain establishing a unique position in oil and gas markets.

1988 Acquisition of the Fabricom Group by SUEZ.
The Fabricom Group is indirectly acquired by SUEZ through SGB which has the ownership of Tractebel, who owns the Fabricom Group, and continues developing the technical expertise and related reputation as an innovator in the sector.


2000 A series of organizational and operational developments illustrate the growth of Fabricom within the SUEZ Group.

2002 The Fabricom Group acquires GTI. GTI is a preferred partner in the Netherlands offering similar services as Fabricom in Belgium. Following this acquisition, the two organizations reallocate their respective subsidiaries, both in Belgium and in the Netherlands. In Belgium, the new organization works under the name of Fabricom GTI and builds a reputation as a leader in innovative solutions.

2005 Fabricom GTI becomes part of a new structure within SUEZ: SUEZ Energy Services. Establishment of the SUEZ Energy Services department, which comprises the engineering, contracting and service business. SUEZ Energy Services is organized nationally. In Belgium, SUEZ Energy Services consists of Fabricom GTI, AXIMA Contracting and AXIMA Services and builds an extensive network of technical innovation across Europe.

2006 Fabricom GTI changes its name and simplifies its operational structur with 2 segments: Belgian Operations & International Operations. During this period a new branch is established in Belgium: Fabricom Maintenance nv, which completes the integrated approach for customers across the globe.

2008A new entity is formed from the merger of Gaz de France and SUEZ, GDF SUEZ is created, establishing the new organisation as global energy player. Fabricom GTI becomes part of the BU Belgium within the Energy Services branch of the GDF SUEZ group.

2010Cofely Fabricom charges forward! Fabricom’s BU with activities in the oil & gas sector are rebranded Fabricom Oil & Gas

2011Fabricom delivers two offshore substations for the London Array project, consisting of 175 turbines each with a 3.6 MW output. It will be world’s largest offshore wind farm when completed.

2012GDF SUEZ E&P Norge awards Fabricom an important long-term contract for modification services for the Gjøa platform in Norway. Fabricom changes its name and becomes Cofely Fabricom.

2013Sept 6 2013 Creation of Cofely Fabricom Canada
which opens a branch in Alberta with headquarters in Calgary and operations in Fort Saskatchewan

June 2014In record time, Cofely Fabricom obtains all necessary permits to start civil work and phase one of a 30 acre module yard. Once completed it has standing capacity of 54 Alberta-sized modules at any one time equivalent to a 150 modules output per year. Phase two will increase to 108 modules standing with 300 modules output per year on a total area of 60 acres